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Women In Ministry

Since the beginning of time, women have battled with being treated, paid, or even viewed as equal when compared to their male counterparts. And although we are seeing this improve by leaps and bounds in most industries, one institution seems to be moving at a stagnant rate, the church.

My years in ministry have taught me that many women are left feeling inadequate to deliver God’s message. What I am proposing in my discussion, is to completely challenge what we have been taught by man, and instead adopt what was issued and decreed by God. God deemed women so worthy to deliver his message, that he chose women to birth his message, and amplified this perception, by choosing women to deliver the first message “he has risen”.

I believe this is imperative to discuss, because there are so many women who wish to go out and spread the word, but instead they opt to sit in suffer in silence due to limitations posed by societal views. Imagine if we pushed the anything you can do, I can do mentality past worldly realms and also applied to the spiritual realm.

Christianity is the largest religion in the world, just think the impact we could have if we got back to the basics of Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image….male and female he created them” and truly began to understand that we cannot see the full image of God without looking at both male and female. I think this is a fundamental discussion to help ignite women equality in the church.

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